Digital boutique

Digital Boutique

Everything you need to create and successfully develop e-store of jewelry, fashionable clothes, souvenirs or art salon

Ready-to-use solution for fashion industry

Digital Boutique is the simplest and most reliable solution to open and develop your own boutique or salon on the Internet. It has everything to equip a specialized trading platform.

Jewelry shop or accessories store

Atelier or clothing store

Art gallery or design studio

Souvenir or art shop


Digital Boutique includes everything you need to create and develop a business in the fashion industry.


Website of an online store, adapted for placing high-quality content and fully integrated with the company’s information systems


Ready-to-work CRM-system with the support of loyalty programs, targeted targeted mailings, analytics and sales planning with an unlimited number of jobs


Warehouse and procurement management, instant accounting of goods, organization and planning of shipments, stock management, financial accounting and planning


Возможность доставки покупок в любую точку мира благодаря интеграции со всеми мировыми службами доставки и логистическими системами


Возможность расчетов с покупателями при помощи банковских карт и систем электронных платежей, включая PayPal и WebMoney


All the necessary tools for advertising and promotion of the store, both in search engines and social networks