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Enterprise Management Solutions

AlterStep specializes in the development and implementation of enterprise management solutions using Odoo and iDempiere platforms. They allow to automate all the main business processes of any company, regardless of its business profile, including resource, finance and production management, as well as product life cycle, human resources, sales and marketing, distribution and logistics management.
The obvious advantage of Odoo and iDempiere platforms is the modular principle of building enterprise information systems they use. It allows to automate one or more key business processes and add more modules designed to deal with other tasks later as it becomes necessary. ERP integration with CRM, electronic document management systems, warehouse management systems, car fleet management systems and enterprise accounting system takes place almost instantly and requires minimal finance and enterprise resources expenditures.
Odoo and iDempiere are both open source platforms. Their use can significantly reduce the cost of an ERP solution at the implementation stage and its cost of ownership. Thanks to Odoo and iDempiere, the customer doesn’t need to invest substantial funds and resources in the project. And the economic effect of the implementation of the system becomes visible after the first three weeks of use.




ERP system features

Customer relationship and sales management

Planning and management of inventory, procurement and logistics, including tender procedures

Production planning and management

Financial planning and management, including budgeting

Personnel management

Operational control

Retail & Internet sales management

Project management


The AlterStep product portfolio has several ready-made ERP solutions designed specifically for industry companies. Take the opportunity to get a ready-made enterprise management system out of the box. It already takes into account all the characteristic requirements associated with industry specific.

Healthcare facility management

Marketplaces and exchange platforms

Insurance company management

Credit institution or microfinancial organization management

Car and special equipment rental management

HoReCa company management

Taxi Operator Management

Housing and communal services enterprise management

SPA&Beauty saloon management

School and univercity management

Office centre management

Car service center management

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