Industrial Internet of Things

The concept of the Internet of things was formulated by Kevin Ashton in 1999.
We made the Internet of things accessible for all.

AlterStep has created its own set of tools for the industrial Internet of things. On its basis, we are ready to offer a ready-made IIoT solution for any company, from a large corporation to a small business.


AlterStep IIoT-constructor

Induasrial Internet of Things is easy and affordable. AlterStep IIoT-constructor allows us to develop and implement specialized solutions for any business.



We use in our systems hardware solutions of the project BOKRA. This is more than forty original modules that are fully compatible with each other, as well as with most devices from other manufacturers.



Simplicity is the key to reliability. Therefore, when organizing the interaction of elements of our solutions, we use open protocols for the exchange of information. Moreover, it allows you to quickly and easily scale any of our solutions.



AlterStep software solutions for IIoT-systems are built in a modular fashion. To extend the functionality of the system requires a minimum of effort. And the decision itself will keep working as the business grows.

AlterStep ready-to-use IIoT-solutions

We made a few ready-to-use IIoT-solutions, that can be apply in many industries. Order one of them and take advantage of the benefits that the Internet of Things gives to youк business.

AS Retail

Electronic price tags – a new word in retail. Always current prices, instant change of information, even on the scale of a trading network, loyalty programs, and much more.

AS Haskara

A complete solution for the fleet management companies. Electric scooters, bicycles, golfcars, electric cars – you can open rental stations for everything that moves.

AS Agro

Smart greenhouses and farms is a new word in agricultural production. Our solution will allow you to control all key parameters of the farm, automate the supply and marketing of products.