Our services


We offer a full range of services for the development, implementation and support of corporate information systems.


Pre-project consulting

– Analysis of the company’s business processes
– Development of recommendations for the architecture and type of the solution

Development of the project plan and ensuring its implementation by the customer

– System architecture development
– Creation of the implementation plan
– Customer IT support during project execution


Comprehensive implementation of an information system

– System architecture development
– Creation of the implementation plan
– Turnkey deployment and adaptation of the whole system

System deployment using the customer’s cloud

– System architecture development
– Deploying the system using the customer’s cloud
– Selection of the most suitable equipment for the customer’s cloud-based system

Public cloud system deployment

– System architecture development
– Selection of a public cloud service in accordance with the system requirements and the customer’s wishes
– Deploying the system in a public cloud


Comprehensive information system support

– Development of a service agreement according to the customer’s needs
– Implementation of the full range of services specified in the service agreement

Admin Training

– Customer IT specialist training on how to configure and administer an Odoo-based system

Training of specialists on the implementation of the system

– Customer staff training on creating modifications for self-deployment of an Odoo-based system

Choose your plan for service

We developed several convenient tariff plans for our customers. You can use any of them.

The cost of service packages is indicated per month, subject to payment for the year. If you pay per month, an additional 17% of the cost of the tariff will be charged. The cost of supporting systems developed or implemented by third-party companies is determined individually.
The cost of each additional backup copy is € 4.
The cost of an additional hour of work of a consultant or programmer is € 50.



per month

  • Backup once a month
  • 24 hours disaster recovery
  • 3 hours specialist consultation
  • 1 hour of work of the programmer



per month

  • Backup once a week
  • 12 hours disaster recovery
  • 5 hours specialist consultation
  • 3 hours of work of the programmer



per month

  • Backup once a day
  • 3 hours disaster recovery
  • 10 hours specialist consultation
  • 5 hour of work of the programmer