Sales management

Sales management.    Simply and efficiently

Management and staff control, direct costumer relations, analysis, forming sales funnels and processing requests. All this will provide you a CRM system.


CRM systems store all the information about the relationships with each client. Moreover, with the aid of them, it becomes possible to analyze sales using any metrics, monitor the work of sales specialists, create offers for clients with the most popular products or services, form sales pipelines and improve the company’s product strategy.

CRM solutions offered by AlterStep can be easily scaled using separate modules for planning and inventory and warehouse management, car fleet management and logistics, electronic document management, setting tasks and executive discipline control, project management, production planning and management, etc.; or integrated with other business applications that are used to fulfill the same functions.

Integration with third-party services, like virtual PBXs, automatic mailing systems, delivery services, etc., is also possible.

Structure and Features

Customer accounting

Customer relationship histories storage

Sales management

Customer relationship planning
Sales specialists monitoring
Creation of sales pipelines


Real time reports generation according to specified criteria


Automatic task setting for sales specialists

Task setting

Task setting for specialists
Performance control
Manager reports


Integration with virtual PBX, other business applications, third-party services

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Specialized AlterStep CRM

We have developed several ready-made specialized solutions for different industries. Take advantage of the special offer and start using your own CRM today.

Transport and logistics

Wholesale and retail trade

Service sector

HoReCa and tourism

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