We offer a full range of services for the development, implementation and support of corporate information systems.


Pre-project consulting

  • Analysis of the company’s business processes

  • Development of recommendations for the architecture and type of the solution 

Development of the project plan and ensuring its implementation by the customer

  • System architecture development 

  • Creation of the implementation plan 

  • Customer IT support during project execution


Comprehensive implementation of an information system

  • System architecture development

  • Creation of the implementation plan

  • Turnkey deployment and adaptation of the whole system

System deployment using the customer’s cloud

  • System architecture development

  • Deploying the system using the customer’s cloud

  • Selection of the most suitable equipment for the customer’s cloud-based system

Public cloud system deployment

  • System architecture development

  • Selection of a public cloud service in accordance with the system requirements and the customer’s wishes

  • Deploying the system in a public cloud


Comprehensive information system support

  • Development of a service agreement according to the customer’s needs

  • Implementation of the full range of services specified in the service agreement 

Admin Training

  • Customer IT specialist training on how to configure and administer an  Odoo-based system 

Training of specialists on the implementation of the system

  • Customer staff training on creating modifications for self-deployment of an  Odoo-based system